I warmly welcome you to Automation Masters official site. The Automation Masters is a group of exceedingly qualified and adroit experts making huge contrasts in the business while utilizing cutting edge cultivating guidelines.

When I think back, the arrangement of creature starting point protein to the nation at a moderate expense was a test of that period. Extensive greater part of our country was not legitimately fed and nourishment deficiency was a developing concern. Notwithstanding that, the size of unemployment looked disturbing and a huge extent of the populace contained crude and untalented youngsters.

It was the worry and inclinations to serve the country that thusly prompted the establishment of the Automation Masters. Since decades, we have been endeavoring hard to give chicken (creature beginning protein) to the country through effective poultry cultivating and presentation of new and inventive systems and through bestowing preparing and inviting to the new contestant poultry agriculturists in this field. We are progressing to the quality expansion and handling so that an unfaltering supply line of the items could be overseen.


Shafqat Ullah