Ventilation System

A good ventilation system provide the birds with oxygen and clean air. Dust ammonia and carbon dioxide are eliminated and water vapor is removed from the air and the litter.


Cone Fan

Cone fan is mostly used in the house that requires more CFM or Air velocity great Our cone fan design gives more air volume with low noise.ventilation. Less nuumber of cone fans are required as compared to box fan. Provides strong ventilation with low operating cost.


Box Fan


Two types of Box fans are mostly used in poultry houses for ventilation

Box Fan 50 For Turunel Summer Ventilation

These fans suck air from cooling pad and nonnally used in stummer or hot weather

Bos Fan 36 For Minumun Winter Ventilation

These fans sack ai from air irdets and normally used in winter or cold weather


Belt tensioner presses the belt from the inner side to outer side. This direction complies with the running directionof belt pull centrifugal system can open close the shutter automatically with the power on and off This fan is suitable for close house. Fan shutter can effectively prevent the light and dust from the outside, which make ventilation optimization.


Cooling Pads

Cooling pad is specially made of corrugated cellulose paper. Its working theory is that water evaporates and absorbs heat of the natural physical phenomenon. Water drops from the top to the bottom with gravity. It forms water film on the rippling fiber surface of the cooling pad. When the flowing airpasses through the cooling pad, water in the water film will absorb a lot of heat from the air and then evaporates, taking away a lot of heat, and make the air temperature go down. Thus the goal of cooling down will be reached. Cooling pad keeps a good ability of water absorbing and avoids the Production of bead on the surface by special formula and technical disposal.


Uses the new material and the spatial crossing linking technology, high absorbability, high water resistant, anti-mildew and long service life. Large evaporation area, cooling efficiency as high as 80% more.


Air Inlet System

The air inlet valve are produced from high quality polyurethane. Due to special design 2/3 of the air enters from the upper side and 1/3 from the bottom. Decreases the heating and ventilation cost in the house. Can be controlled by a manual or motor winch. Air Inlets could be opened at three angels to make ventilation uniform. To realize uniform ventilation, opening angle of inlet near the fan should be smaller then those far from it. open close inlets with the help of pulley. Inlet body contains anti-ultraviolet raw materials, making it longevity. Stainless steel spring


Motor for automatic inlet Control


Light Trap for Air Inlet

Fogging System

The high pressure fog system can make the liquid be the form of fog and full in the air. This characteristics s used in lowering temperature, adding humidity level, getting rid of dust, disinfection and immunity.

  • No water-driping,
  • No water wasting
  • Disinfection
  • Cool
  • Insecticide
  • Humidification