Day-Old Chick Vehicles

With our nearly 20 years of experience in day-old chick transportation, our customers choose a complete and proven solution. Thanks to full air-conditioning with powerful heating and compressor cooling systems, our vehicles can operate in a widerange of ambient temperatures. From hot to cold areas your chicks will always be delivered in perfect condition.


The vehicles can be built as a truck or as a semi trailer, with capacity over 120 000 day-old chicks. Thanks to our unique temperature monitoring system, your chicks will be under the driver’s continuous supervision during the entire transport. After the chicks are delivered to the customer, a temperature report can be printed from the internal printer. When signed by both the driver and the customer, it can be used as an official report of the transport conditions. No more doubts about the quality of your chicks and no more complaints from your customers. The recorded data can also be transferred into a PC via GSM for storing and analysis


Capacity: 20 000 to 121 600 chicks

Outside temperature range: -20 oC to +44 oC

The report about the transport quality
Transport conditions under control