Manual Poultry Scales Bat 1

BAT1 brings you all the extras you can imagine in manual poultry weighing Portable, battery driven scale for quick weighing oflive birds promptly provides you with all kinds of data on the population. Large graphic display, high memory capacity and long battery life are just a few features that make the scale so popular and user-friendly. A wide range of available hooking systems makes our scale suitable for all types of birds. Powerful PC software will save you time and headache during processing the results on a computer. With advanced features like automatic drawing of histograms and growth curves, you will see that managing data from all your farms has never been easier



Capacity : 30 or 50 kg (60 or 10 lb)

Resolution : l g (0.001 lb)

Memory capacity : 11,700 birds in 199 groups

Battery life : 27 hours

Interface : Printer (Rs-232) and PC (USB)

Accessories : Portable battery Powered Printer Portable Carry case

Statistics processed on a PC

Automatic Poultry Scales Bat 2

With Innov’ Space Award 2005 and World Award 2006,the BAT 2 scale is the technological leader in automatic poultry weighing Thanks to its compact design and battery operation. it can be installed quickly without any wires and additional expenses. Our unique GSM communication system makes building of large wireless networks with remote monitoring simple and cost-effective. Have you ever dreamt about getting daily statistics of all your flocks for just a few Euro per month? Imagine no more high fees to the communication companies and no problems with cable installation. Just plug a standard SIM card into the scale and it will automatically send daily statistics to your PC or mobile phone. You can be in touch with all your flocks daily and you can react timely There are also many other connection possibilities, so it is easy to use in all existing systems Together with BAT 2 Full that offers all features, we also offer simpler BAT 2 Basic and BAT 2 Lite vensions suitable for applications with a limited budget



Capacity: 50 or 100 kg Power: 69 V DC

Battery life: min. 15 days

Memory capacity: 1 year of operation

Data transfer: memory stick, GSM, RS-485

LAN, Wi-Fi and Internet